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Scaffold Tube Straightening

Scaffold Straightening & Repair

TSU is a leading provider of scaffolding repair services, offering coverage throughout the UK. Our business is built upon strong recommendations from satisfied customers. We are committed to providing excellent service and pride ourselves on a reputation for reliability and high standards of health and safety.

  • Tube Straightening
    Bent lengths of tubing are straightened using our bespoke machinery. During the process any surface corrosion is also removed.
  • Tube Repair
    Repair of severely damaged tubing and crushed sections are cut out, leaving smaller usable lengths of scaffold.
  • On - Site Working
    Our mobile units allow all work to be carried out efficiently at your premises or on site with no inconvenience to yourselves.
  • Health & Safety
    As HSE subscribers, we ensure full risk assesments and method statements are undertaken. All working areas are kept signed and guarded during the process.